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The primary goal of the H&R 1871 Owners forum is objective and intelligent discussion of respective topics to foster an atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and most importantly, learning. We wish to create a forum community that prides itself on thoughtful and useful discussion with statements backed up by fact or well-argued opinion (as opposed to opinions based on or driven by angst, hearsay, ignorance, individualism, politics, propaganda, resentment, zealotry, and similar entities).

While we welcome people of all skill levels and backgrounds into discussions, in particular we are looking for high-quality non-mundane content. Please be sure to read the "Rules And Guidelines" section. Note that in addition to overall rules, each forum may have a specific set of rules and guidelines.

The secondary goal of the H&R 1871 Owners forum is to provide not only an internet community but to unite our members for the greater good. There are plans in place to host "H&R 1871 Owners Events" with the motivation to raise money for various charities (diabetes, breast cancer, etc). These events will be directed by the H&R 1871 Owners staff but will rely heavily on our community to be successful.

The tertiary goal of H&R 1871 Owners forum is to provide a place for interactions between customers and vendors to help drive production and modifications of products to better suit the needs of the users.

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