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This subforum is for the discussion of any and all brands of Black Powder Long Guns...

Feel free to discuss the different brands you own and enjoy shooting...
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For years I had been using a CVA Eclipse .50 cal. I took one deer with it a few years back. Last year i ditched the CVA when I found out they were having problems with that particular model. Apparently the breech plugs were blowing out due to poorly cut threads. I guess there was some type of recall but it had long since passed by the time I stumbled upon the info. I found this a little disconcerting so I bought new gun despite tha fact that I had been using it for years without any issues. I only paid $80 for it brand new when they first came out so no big loss. I was kind of wanting something a little easier to clean anyway.

My replacement was Traditions Buck Stalker. It's a break open .50 cal model. I took a deer with this one last year. it's a no frills gun but it has been pretty reliable and accurate.

I'm currently using Triple-Seven powder measured by weight (about 73 grains), and a 250gr Barnes Expander MZ sitting on top of a Winchester 209 primer. The gun is capable of shooting up to 150gr eq of black powder but I find I get better results with it around 100gr eq. plus it doesn't beat the hell out of my shoulder.


I need to paint my scope. I took this off of a stainless 10/22. It does the job nonetheless.


Shots during my initial sight in with the new bullets. This was at 50 yards. I later fine tuned it a bit more and got it dialed in at 100. If I can find a good range I'd like to see what she can do out to 200 yards.

If I upgrade again it will be for something that is stainless. I love this gun but hunting in lots of wet climate weather it's hard to keep the surface rust from popping up here and there. They just don't blue them like they used to.
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Real nice setup Mike !!

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