Harrington & Richardson Survivor Review:

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I note that H&R never produces advertisements touting their H&R Survivor in 410/45 colt. Unfortunately I bought one of these guns and found it to be woefully wanting in accuracy. After two returns to H&R for repair (new barrels) I am now told that the best I can expect when shooting 45 colt is a 5" group at 50 yards if I use a scope. It may be a satisfactory gun in .308, but forget about the 410/45 colt.
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That is a real shame to hear. I have been very happy with the accuracy in the other H&R's I own.

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Here's an update on my H&R Survivor in 410/45 colt. The Remington factory has tried mightily to get this gun to shoot straight, and returned it to me for the second time saying that it was improved. Today, testing it at the range at 25 yards from a sandbag rest I got a 9 11/2" group using 250 gr LSWC bullets and a 7" group using 240 gr JHP bullets. This gun is a waste of any ones money.
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Sorry to hear that...sounds like it's time to move on.

I would sell the gun and buy something else...

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