Are you seeing used Handi-Rifles in gun/pawn shops?

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:20 am
If you are, are they tempting you at all?

Are you inclined to pick up a bargain if it comes along?

I think I will pick up another, even in a cartridge I don't presently shoot, just to preserve a rifle that is no longer being produced.
PostPosted: Thu Oct 06, 2016 10:03 am
Good call...

Copper BB
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To answer these questions:

No, I am NOT seeing Handi Rifles at either gunshows, or GunShops, or Pawn Shop. I'm located in SW Florida.

If I came across a fairly priced Handi, I would PROBABLY buy it.

As a handloader / bullet caster, of a bit more than 50 years, a Handi Rifle in a new caliber to me would not deter me.

For finding H&R / NEF items, GunBroker is my best source. The down-side of GunBroker purchases is the cost of shipping and dealer transaction / background checks.

Copper BB
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I found an Ultra Hunter .25-06 like new at a local gun shop and bought it. Price was right compared to Gun Broker, etc. And, of course, no shipping or transfer fee. They had 3 others, .223, .243 and .270. If I had the money, I'd buy the .270 at least.

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