HELP ME decide on a good aperture or optic for my .357 rifle

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I have a really fun TALO .357 Magnum Handi Rifle and it's been one of the "most fun and enjoyable" rifles I've ever owned. I have a pet cast lead 140-gr LSWC reload that is barely subsonic and hits with a whallup at 50-75 yards with iron sights, yet the cost is barely above shooting .22 LR rimfire. Talk about FUN!!! A nickle a shot!!!!


But I want your opinions on whether a Williams or Marble or Skinner aperture sight on the rear would bring this rifle toward actually being capable of hunting with this rifle out to 100-yards using 158- or 180-grain JSPs at 1788-1800 fps.

Or with that bullet and a good hot load would you recommend some sort of optic?

I can drive 140-gr cast LSWCs at 1050 fps for small game, or jump to heavy jacketed soft-points doing around 1800-2000 fps for whitetail deer.

What would you want your eye to look thru?
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Sweet lookin' rifle there nitesite...if I come across any ideas I will light you up buddy !!

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I'm probably leaning toward a Skinner aperture sight that would mount right near the rear of the barrel. I really don't want a scope on this little rifle.

If I can get a 180-gr XTP to 1700-fps I'll have essentially a point blank rifle to 100-yards (25-yd zero, 0.2" HI at 50, 0.6" LO at 75, 2" LO at 100) with over 800 ft- pounds of energy at 100! That is shooting the .357 Maximum cartridge which it is chambered for.

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My favorite is the Williams FP-HR, it's a simple 2 screw installation on the rear 2 scope bracket holes and 'should' work with the blade front sight, if not get a Lyman 17a front sight in the height you need. I put the Williams FP + Lyman 17a on my 464 SPX and on my H&R BC, I think they're great, the easiest way to be accurate with iron...

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I wish I had looked at Andrews suggestions about the Williams FP-HR. Boy how time flies!

But here is what I did during the past couple years with my rifle.

First, I mounted a really oversized scope on this little short rifle "just because" plus I was trying to shoot some really HOT .357-Magnum loads approaching .357-MAXIMUM pressures at 150-yards I used it for two successful hunts on Alabama whitetail. But the scope was just HUGE and I wanted something compact and quick handling.

So I recently went with a Bushnell red dot that lets me hit pretty accurately and quicker than the big scope although it's limited to only 75-yards which is actually more practical. I have never shot a deer at 150-yards.

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Looks good.

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