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Has anyone had any experience with the ATI M4 style buttstock on a handi rifle. Thinking about putting it on my 270. It has a muzzle brake installed on it so that will help with the recoil. The reason I am thinking about doing this is so my daughter can shoot it when she gets older as well as using it for a sheep gun in Alaska. Trying to make the rifle as light as possible for lugging it around the mountains. Any insight on this would be great. ... stock.html
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I use many of the ATI products on my various firearms. Although I have not tried the m4 style stock on my H&Rs yet. It looks like the older generation which is not the same caliber of stock that the new versions are. However I am sure it will help take weight off the gun and add function with the collapsible stock. If you get it be sure to post up a review.

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