Talk to me about why I need a fitted .308 barrel for my SB-2

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Ok, I have a couple ARs, a .270 Win Handi Rifle, a .357 Magnum Handi, a .243 Winchester bolt gun, a 7.62x39 rifle..... OK you get the point.

But I am a reloader/handloader and am sitting on a lot of .308 once-fired brass. I keep running thru my brain that for the cost of some dies and bullets plus a hundred dollars I could have a new barrel fitted to my SB-2 receiver and shoot the three-oh-eight. :idea:

But WHY should I bother?

Meet and discuss........... :ugeek:
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I think shooting .308 WIN out of a H&R would be awesome!

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Considering how cheap it is to have a barrel fitted to a receiver, you are basically getting another rifle for around $100. You probably have a scope laying around, you already have the brass and I dare say most of the reloading components and you have the receiver, All said and done, you might find that you have the makings of an awesome rifle.
.308 is a great all around caliber. It will take almost anything North America has to offer as far as Big Game. Moose, elk and brown bear can also be taken with proper shot placement.
Both of my rifles are on the Bugout/SHTF list for secondary weapons for hunting and property protection.
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