Pardner Pumps and 870 Accessories!

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Anyone out there have some 870 stocks, forends, sights, etc... on their H&R PP??

I have seen some really neat work lately that allows the use of 870 barrels on a PP, still a "use at your own risk" project by all means but if someone in the industry could "prove" it 100% safe, this could "revolutionize" the Pardner Pump and allow it to be used in so many new ways!

Would allow for Rifled Barrel Slug Hunting, different length Vent Ribbed barrels and so on and so forth!
If you have your Pardner Pump tricked out, post up a photo!!!

Copper BB
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H&R Pardner Protector, Tac-star 870 Extension, shortened to barrel length and a copper pipe cap epoxied on. Six shot sidesaddle on the opposite side, out of view. Speedfeed birdshead pistol grip installed with an ambidextrous sling mount and a single-point bungee sling. Tac-star heat shield and a no-name tri-rail just behind the barrel lug. Tri-rail pump handle with two picatinny sling mounts and some 1" nylon web to make a retention strap, rail covers on all other surfaces, makes for a very beefy and very hard to lose pump handle. Other work: beveled off the sharp edges on the loading and ejection port, slotted the carrier, sharpened the extractor hook and beveled the front edge and polished all the trigger bearing surfaces.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:47 am
Looks tacticool...!!

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