^^^TOP SHOT^^^ Season #4

Anything and everything related to competition shooting (ie trap, skeet, etc) can be posted here.
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"The Ultimate Prize"

Premier Date: 5/01/2012


From the Kentucky Flintlock Pistol to Crossbows and Grenade launchers--an epic assortment of weapons are featured. Four marksmen gear up to blast their way through the home stretch with hopes of becoming History's next Top Shot. After a series of elimination challenges, only two competitors enter the final showdown which comes down to the very last second.


The First Elimination Challenge involves two shooters at a time firing at 12 double-sided targets from 50 feet, trying to flip as many as possible to their assigned color. The winners of the first-round matches advance; the losers ply a third match, with the loser of this one being eliminated. Ties are broken with a rematch.

WINNERS: Chris & Gregory

LOSER: Augie

The Second Elimination challenge involves two rounds being played, with every shooter picking one weapon, target, distance, and shooting stance at each. All three shooters try each shot; no weapon or target may be used more than once. The lowest number of hits is eliminated. Targets include jars, bowls, bottles, and mugs.

WINNERS: Gregory & Chris



The Final Challenge involves running a course with 7 shooting stations:

1. Hit 2 jugs at 25 feet with the flintlock.

2. Fire the Henry to knock down two 3-part targets at 50 feet.

3. Using the Webley, hit 9 jars in a moving rack from 35 feet.

4. Hit two rows of 6 targets each with the Colt. One row contains 10" targets, the other 8"; all targets in a row must be shot without a miss to close it out.

5. Hit 3 targets on a rotating wheel at 25 yards with the BowTech.

6. From the prone position, shoot 2 targets at 125/150 yards with the BAR.

7. Use the Milkor to hit 2 targets at 50/75 yards.

First to complete all stations wins.




Every weapon system used this season...

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So...what did everyone think about tonights Season IV Finale ...?!

The two elimination challenges...

The final competition...

The weapons used...

The losing competitors...

And finally....Season IV's TOP SHOT : Chris Cheng

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